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Read my new story “The Ghost In Angelica’s Room”, story notes + some talk about suicide [TW: suicide]

I have a new story out this month in Flash Fiction Online. It’s called “The Ghost in Angelica’s Room”, and one of the things I deal with in this story is suicide.


The initial inspiration for this story goes way back in my life, to a woman I worked with decades ago in Sweden. She was one of those down-to-earth kind of women that make the world go around in all the countries in all the world – kind but not soft, efficient, conscientious. Once, when we worked a late shift together, she told me about how her husband had killed himself and that this particular day was the anniversary of his death. She told me this story very matter of fact, without tears, but with this sort of weariness that really shook me. Her child had found his dad dead. And that was the one thing that really seemed to get to her, that her husband didn’t arrange things better, so that SHE would have found him, instead of their child.

I’ve thought about her a lot over the years.

“The Ghost in Angelica’s Room” was a difficult story to write. It’s dark and rather grim, and I knew it had to be that way, even though it does allow a bit of light in, too. I’m so grateful to the team at Flash Fiction Online for giving this story a home, and for some thoughtful editing suggestions that made the story stronger and better.

I have never considered suicide or had suicidal thoughts, but suicide has touched my family and people I know. Please, if you are worried about someone in your life, talk to them, let them talk to you. And if you are the person who needs help, please reach out to someone in your life if you can.

Also, if you or anyone you know needs help, there are places you can turn to, and there are things you can do. (Here is a list of international helpline numbers you can call.) Talk to someone. Reach out if you need help, or if you think a person in your life needs help.


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