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Writerly recap – December 2017 / January 2018 – stories published & sold, reviews & more

Here it is: another bi-monthly recap of my writerly doings. First of all, some crazy-good news that I’ve been sitting on for a while – I have a brand new monthly column at the wonderful Barnes & Noble Scifi & Fantasy Blog! Every month, I will be sharing some of my favourite new speculative fiction short stories there. Thanks so much to the team at B&N for taking me on!


(I will still be doing a smaller short fiction roundup here on the blog, because there’s just SO MUCH great short fiction to read and share.)

Stories in the wild

  • My new flash fiction story “Goodnight Mr. President is available for your listening pleasure at the wonderful podcast The Centropic Oracle: listen to it. You can also support this podcast on Patreon.
  • My story “Firstborn”, from Capricious #7 is now available to read online: read it. You can read my story notes for this story here.
  • My story “The Gates of Balawat” (“Balawats portar” in the original Swedish), published last year in Samovar is now also available as a podcast! (I read the Swedish version!) Listen to the podcast in Swedish & English.
  • Since my last bi-monthly recap, I’ve written one story for R.B. Wood’s Word Count Podcast: listen to “Mabel’s Pack”.
  • My story “Hare’s Breath”, published in Shimmer last year is now available in the anthology Shimmer 2017 – The Collected Stories. It’s available in paperback and ebook-format. Check out all the great stories! You can also read my story online: “Hare’s Breath“.

Story sales

  • I sold a story to Flash Fiction Online that will be appearing in an upcoming issue! More details to come. This is my third sale to FFO, and all I can say is that I freaking love this publication!
  • I have new story forthcoming in the anthology Abandoned Places from Shohola Press. My story is called “A Strange Heart, Set in Feldspar”. Read more about the anthology in the press release:
  • My flash story “In the Rose Garden” will be part of the upcoming Shoreline of Infinity flash-anthology!
  • You’ll have to wait a while for this one, but my flash story “10 Things I Didn’t Do” will be appearing in Pseudopod in December this year.


  • My new flash fiction collection Dark Flash 2 received a very nice review at Altered Instinct: “She’s a fabulous writer, though, and here she carves out ten pieces of a modern mythology…
  • Maria Savva reviewed Dark Flash 2 on her Goodreads blog and said some very nice things about it: “This is quality speculative fiction that pushes the boundaries and makes you wonder about the boundaries between reality and fantasy.”
  • There is also a review of Dark Flash 2 at BooksCover2Cover:  “A really imaginative collection of stories expertly woven.”

Buy Dark Flash 2: Amazon / Amazon / Amazon UK / Amazon CA / Amazon Australia / Smashwords / Barnes & Noble / Apple iBooks / Kobo

  • Author Vanessa Fogg reviews my story from Shimmer, “Hare’s Breath”, on her website and has some very kind words for it: “Haskins’ control of her story is remarkable; it’s so perfectly crafted, delicate and shimmering and utterly devastating.”
  • “Hare’s Breath” is also mentioned by the Morgan Crooks on his website, and he calls it “magical and harrowing“.
  • Darcia Helle reviewed my first flash fiction collection Dark Flash  over at Quiet Fury Books: “These stories all share a dark edge, with surprising turns and unique concepts. They are like mini portraits, full of color and texture. You’ll smile and gasp – and you will remember them.”

Buy Dark FlashAmazon / Smashwords / Kobo / Apple iBooks / Barnes & Noble.

Bits & bobs

  • My story “Mothers, Watch Over Me” is part of the upcoming 20th Anniversary double-issue of Mythic Delirium, and the cover reveal is so darn cool I just have to share it here: take a look!
  • I also have a story forthcoming in See the Elephant later this spring. Can’t wait to share my weird and wolf-ish story “Margaery the Wolf” with everyone…

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