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Listen to my new flash fiction story ‘Goodnight, Mr. President’ at THE CENTROPIC ORACLE

My flash fiction story ‘Goodnight, Mr. President’ is now live at The Centropic Oracle. It is beautifully narrated by Rob Gillespie, and I am just thrilled that this little story found such a great home.

A possibly related gif:


It’s science fiction, there’s a president, there’s a golden robot, and… well, give it a listen!

The Centropic Oracle is a wonderful podcast, and they also have a Patreon, if you’d like to support their work:

The Centropic Oracle aims to publish and showcase the artistic works of science fiction/fantasy short story writers and voice over actors in an audio-only format.
We feature a monthly podcast of a short story and a weekly podcast of a flash fiction story. See our Library for all our podcasts in an easily filterable list! You can filter by story length, genre, sub-genre, to find multiple podcasts of specific interest. Each contributor also has their own page which is kept up-to-date with their latest releases.

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