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New story forthcoming in ‘Abandoned Places’ – an anthology from Shohola Press (now available for pre-order!)

I’m super excited about this new anthology, coming from Shohola Press this spring – it’s called ‘Abandoned Places’, and I share the TOC with a whole bunch of fantastic writers, including Bo Balder, Lauren C. Teffeau, Steve Kopka, Chris Cornell, Ransom Noble, Karl Dandenell, Cath Schaff-Stump, Shannon Ryan, Chris Bauer, Miranda Suri, Anna Yeatts, Chia Lynn Evers, Doug Engstrom, Lara Kristin Herndon, George R. Galuschak and BethAnn Ferrero.

  • Update: You can pre-order the anthology from Amazon!

My story is called ‘A Strange Heart, Set in Feldspar’, and it takes place in an old abandoned mine in northern Sweden.


And hey, for a Ray Bradbury fan like me, it’s a thrill and a half to see my name on a book cover next to Bradbury’s!

Release date is March 9th, and you can find out all the details on the Shohola Press website. HUGE thanks to the team at Shohola Press for asking me to contribute a story!

More about this anthology:

Abandoned places exist in the vacuum of space, the boom towns gone bust of yesteryear and under our noses in the isolation of the modern age. Shohola Press, a new independent publisher, is pleased to announce its first release, ABANDONED PLACES, an anthology of short genre fiction edited by George R. Galuschak and Chris Cornell.

“Shohola is where I learned about abandoned places, and the ghosts that haunt them,” says George. “Haunted houses are an interesting conceit, but let’s face it: an empty house is an empty house. We make our own ghosts, and we bring them with us. I’ve shared a few of mine. The authors in this anthology share a few of theirs. I hope you enjoy them.”

“When George suggested the theme, it sounded just right,” says Chris. “Maybe it provided a perfect blank slate for inspiration across genres. Maybe it had something to do with visiting ghost towns and passing around YouTube videos of condemned hotels and amusement parks. Regardless, we put out the call, and writers responded in force.”

Join us as twenty-one writers embark on a tour of the lonely, the rejected and the uninhabited. Featuring stories of fantasy, horror and science fiction by rising new authors and classic tales by familiar names.

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