My 2017 award eligibility post *toots own horn*


It’s the season of award eligibility posts. Here’s mine.

This year, several of my short stories were published in zines I consider “dream markets”, and I present them to you here without further ado. If you think any of my stories are worthy of consideration for an award…well, thank you, from the bottom of my writer’s heart.

HARE’S BREATH – in Shimmer #39 – read it. (Category: short story.)

This story, set in northern Sweden, blends Midsummer’s Eve, folklore, and a very dark chapter in Swedish history. It is very close to my heart. (Read my extended story notes.) Charles Payseur wrote a very kind review of it at Quick Sips:  “It’s wrenching and it’s difficult and it does a great job of building up the scope and scale and reach of what has been done, of the damage inflicted in the name of the status quo.

THE WAYFINDER & HIS SISTER – at Cast of Wonders, narrated by Leigh Wallace and Christiana Ellis – listen. (Category: short story.)

This story was part of Banned Books Week at Cast of Wonders, and the narration is absolutely wonderful. The main characters in this story were inspired by my own kids, so this one has a very special place in my heart. (Read my story notes.)

METAL, SEX, MONSTERS – in the May 2017 issue of Gamutread it (buy the issue). (Category: short story.)

A horror story with a Judas Priest soundtrack and a very particular voice… I have loved the fiction in Gamut this year, and I still can barely believe I got to be a part of this great new publication. (Read my story notes.)

BIOLUMINESCENCE – in Phobos Issue Four: Deep Black Sea – buy it in print from Amazon. (Category: short story.)

A story about family, regret, and loss. It’s a story that’s set on the Pacific west coast, and it has a very particular ocean flavour.

FIRSTBORN – in the May 2017 issue of Capricious: read it / subscribe / buy the issue. (Category: short story.)

This might be the most personal story I’ve ever written, about motherhood and the fear that can set in when you become a parent and your child does not conform to what others think is the norm. (Read my story notes.)

THE MACHINE OF THE DEVIL – in the May 2017 issue of Flash Fiction Onlineread for freesubscribe, or buy the issue. (Category: flash fiction / short story.)

A story about survival and grief, death and destruction, and hope. This was a difficult story to write, but I think it finally captured what I was trying to say. (Read my story notes.)

WHEN MAMA CALLS – in Bracken #4 – read it. (Category: flash fiction / short story.)

This story won Bracken’s flash fiction contest, judged by the wonderful Gwendolyn Kiste. 350 words is always a challenge, but I really loved writing this one.



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