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Thanks to everyone who entered my Goodreads giveaway!

My Goodreads giveaway – for three paperback copies of ‘Odin’s Eye’ (my collection of science fiction short stories) – has just concluded. Thank you so much to everyone who entered!


1,440 people entered the giveaway, and three people will be receiving a copy of the book in the mail very soon! I’m especially happy because the three winners are from three different parts of the world: one from Europe, one from North America, and one from Australia.

If you didn’t win, but you still want to read ‘Odin’s Eye’, you can pick up a copy from various online retailers:


This giveaway was inspired by Australian musician Graham Greene’s fantastic new single ‘The Gates of Balawat’. That tune was in turn inspired by my short story by the same name from ‘Odin’s Eye’. You can check out the track on iTunes and elsewhere:

Get all the details on Graham Greene’s official website.

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