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Read my poem ‘Solstice Blót’ in the new issue of Polar Borealis Magazine

It’s been a while since I released a poem into the wild, but right now, you can read ‘Solstice Blót’ in the brand new, horror-themed issue of the Canadian publication Polar Borealis Magazine.


You can read the issue here (scroll down to issue 4 and click to see the magazine in PDF). It includes stories and poetry by some fantastic writers, and I’m thrilled to be in such good company!

Details & TOC:

With Cover Art by Jenni Merrifield. Poems by Marcie Tentchoff, Matt Moore, Richard Stevenson, Taral Wayne, Walt Wentz, Lisa Timpf, Tonya Liburd, Lee F. Patrick, Aaron Miller, Colleen Anderson, Lena Ng, Maria Haskins, Selena Elizabeth Martens, Lynne Sargent, and J.J. Steinfeld. Stories by David Perlmutter, William Lewis, Mario Lowther, Vincent Sakowski, J.J. Steinfeld, Tonya Liburd, Jordan King-Lacroix, Mike Thorn, Jonathan Cresswell-Jones, Dean Wirth, Jeremy A. Cook, S.L. Dixon, Jason M. Harley, Michael John Bertrand, Chris Campeau, Betty Rocksteady, Jon Gauthier, and Matthew Hughes.

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