My playlist for summer writing inspiration – at Syntax & Salt!

This past winter, Syntax & Salt Magazine held a fun contest where people could submit playlists for writing inspiration. I submitted a playlist, and while I did not win, I did find a ton of great music on the winning list. So, when the contest popped up again, this time asking for playlists for summer writing inspiration, I submitted a new list and won!


This playlist is pretty laid-back and includes some of my favourite music from artists like Rival Sons, Depeche Mode, Buck & Evans, and others!

(And hey (since my week seems to be musically inclined), if you want some more inspired & inspiring music, check out Australian guitarist Graham Greene’s new single ‘The Gates of Balawat’ – a track inspired by one of my short stories!)

About Syntax & Salt

If you like speculative fiction with a literary bent, you should read Syntax & Salt: it’s a wonderful magazine, and they publish some excellent short fiction. For example:

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