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Reprint story sale!

The contract is signed, so now I can spill the beans: I just sold a story to the wonderful people at Cast of Wonders! It’s a reprint sale, and the story is ‘Tunguska, 1987’, originally published last year in the anthology ‘Tales From Alternate Earths’ (Inklings Press).


I am so happy and excited about this, and I can’t wait to hear the story on the podcast! Cast of Wonders is a fantastic place for speculative fiction – as the tag-line says: “The Young Adult Fiction Podcast featuring tales of the fantastic!”. Thanks so much to the lovely people there for giving my story a wonderful second home!

If you want to read more about the ‘Tunguska, 1987’, you can check out my story notes. The story is mostly set in northern Sweden, and was partly inspired by people and places from my own family’s history. This dog, for one thing:


‘Tales From Alternate Earths’ is available from Amazon. You can also check out other great anthologies from Inklings Press while you’re at it!


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