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Read my new story ‘Metal, Sex, Monsters’ in GAMUT

Well, holy cow. HOLY COW. My story ‘Metal, Sex, Monsters’ (my first short story with a Judas Priest soundtrack) is in the new issue of Gamut (it’s issue #5, the May issue)! And I am screeching like a demented velociraptor.


Look at that TOC! So many awesome authors…wow.  AND: the cover art is apparently the amazingly awesome art for my story! Yes, I can confirm that I am officially over-the-top excited today!

Gamut is NOT free online. You have to either buy the issue, or subscribe. I’ve read all the issues so far, and if you like your fiction dark and noir and just plain excellent… well, this is a publication for you.

What to do if you want to get your mitts on this issue:

4 thoughts on “Read my new story ‘Metal, Sex, Monsters’ in GAMUT”

  1. Your story will be live on the 29th, FYI. Thanks for all of the support, it’s great writing, love it. Hope we can acquire more. For your friends and fans, anybody that mentions you while subscribing will get 40% off. Just say “MARIA SENT ME” in the comments when ordering. Thanks!

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