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February / March recap: stories & more

Time to blab about what I’ve been up to lately, writing-wise. February and March have been good writing months in some ways, and a struggle in other. I’m feeling a twinge of writers-block pinching at my thoughts occasionally, and that is making me freak out: I’ve already wasted quite enough years of my life NOT being able to write, and I don’t want to end up in that hole again.

On a more positive note: STORIES!


My science fiction short story ‘Lost And Found’ (originally published in Swedish, A Very Long Time Ago – also available in English in my collection ‘Odin’s Eye’, and as a free standalone) appeared on StarShipSofa as part of the podcast’s Translations Month. Check it out, and also give the other stories a listen: there are some wonderful tales there!


My flash fiction story ‘Scent’ is now available in Flash Fiction Online’s Horror 2016 Anthology! I’m in excellent company in this anthology, and you can pick up a copy from Amazon.


I wrote a flash fiction story called ‘Wolves & Girls’ for R.B. Wood’s Word Count Podcast, riffing on both Little Red Riding Hood and werewolves.


…and I wrote another flash fiction story called ‘Lost’ for the podcast.


At the end of March / beginning of April I attended the wonderful Creative Ink Festival in Burnaby. I was not able to attend everything, every day, but the workshops and panels I did attend were really good. It is definitely a fantastic and inspiring event for both readers and writers.

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