My scifi-story ‘Lost And Found’ is now up at StarShipSofa – give it a listen

This is so exciting: my science-fiction story ‘Lost And Found’ is now up on the scifi podcast / audio magazine StarShipSofa! It’s read by Andrea Richardson, and I am just over the moon happy to be part of StarShipSofa’s translation month.

Listen to episode #477 here.

This story was originally written and published in Swedish, and I later translated it into English. The original Swedish title was “Vindspår” (“Traces of Wind”) , but “Lost And Found” was such an excellent fit for it, that I changed the title when I translated it.

Head over to StarShipSofa and check out my story, as well as a whole lot of other fabulous science-fiction!

(Oh my gosh, I just gave this a listen, and what a thrill it is to hear your own words read so well. Thanks to everyone at StarShipSofa, and to Andrea Richardson who did a great job on my story!)


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