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Award-worthy fiction from 2016

It’s nominating season. Hugo nominations have just opened as I write this, and there are great lists everywhere of fantastic fiction that is all worthy of nominations and awards.

My monthly roundups of stories I read and loved through 2016 can be found here. In this post, I boil those roundups down to 30 short fiction stories, plus six novellas, and three novels.

For more story recommendations:

My Long List




Short fiction:

*toots own horn cautiously*

Well, will you look at that: I even made my own eligibility post. *blush*



6 thoughts on “Award-worthy fiction from 2016”

    1. Very true. I read as much short fiction as I can, but there is SO MUCH great speculative short fic out there that I never get around to reading. I do try to catch up with the Best of … anthologies as well, but yeah, there is TONS more out there. My lists (both this one and my monthly roundups) are just what I like, from what I’ve had a chance to read, and is definitely not covering the whole scope of stories out there. Thank you so much for the link – it’s the season of lists, and the more good stories get eyes on them, the better!

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      1. The tables of contents for the four big annual “best of” SFF anthologies are out now, even though the anthologies themselves won’t be out for several months. Here are the contents, sorted according to how many prolific reviewers (ones who gave critical reviews to at least 500 short stories) recommended them.

        A decent way to pick some of the best stories to read is to look down the list, picking ones where the short description of the story sounds appealing. That’s especially good for folks who subscribe to print magazines but feel guilty that they never get around to reading them and really just want someone to point them at four or five of the very best.


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