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2016 award eligibility post (AKA: what am I even doing?)

It feels very strange to put together an awards eligibility post, but I decided at the beginning of the year to do everything I could to put my best foot forward as a writer… so, by golly, I am doing this too, no matter how awkward it makes me feel.

My goal for this year was to get at least one pro-sale. I did get a pro-sale: Flash Fiction Online gave my story ‘Scent’ an awesome home, and that made me so happy that I’m still a bit giddy about it. (I also sold a few other stories, including one to Gamut and one to Capricious, but those will not appear until next year.)

(Note: I am a Canadian citizen so as far as I can tell, I am eligible for awards like the Sunburst Award and Aurora Awards – not that I am likely to win anything, mind you, but I am Canadian at least…)

Here are the stories I wrote and released into the wild in 2016:

Short stories

Tunguska, 1987. In the anthology Tales From Alternate Earths (Inklings Press). August 2016. This is an alternate history / science fiction story set mainly in northern Sweden. There is a very good dog, squirrel hunting, strange metallic invaders, and… well, some twists and turns! It intertwines two story-lines set about 60 years apart, and a lot of this tale was inspired by real people and places from my family history.

Matt Mitrovich at Amazing Stories: “If Maria expanded on this short story and made it a full length novel (or even a series) she would find a major fan in me.”

Scent. Flash Fiction Online. September 2016. A dark fantasy story.

Charles Payseur at Quick Sip Reviews: “a strong piece and a great read”.

Morgan Crooks at Ancient Logic: “There is something memorable about the intertwining of imagery and odor, and also the slow, twisting tension between a mother and a daughter”.

Long As I Can See The Light. In the anthology People Are Strange (Mind’s Eye Series). September, 2016. A science fiction story about two people and a friendship caught up in the aftermath of an alien invasion.

The Breaking of the World. In the anthology People Are Strange (Mind’s Eye Series). September, 2016. A fantasy romp, inspired by my love for MMORPG’s.

Seven Kinds of Baked Goods.  In the anthology Just Desserts (WolfSinger Press). October, 2016. A fantasy story about friendship, revenge, enchanted weapons, a tea shop, and a whole lot of sweet pastries.


Stories Beneath the Skylight. The Lorelei Signal. October, 2016.

Flash fiction for R.B. Wood’s Word Count Podcast – self-published in ‘Dark Flash’

I wrote eight flash fiction stories for The Word Count Podcast, and gathered them together in an anthology called ‘Dark Flash‘, published on December 6th, 2016. All the stories are around 900 words.

  • The Unicorn. A dark fantasy story about a girl and a unicorn.
  • Nemesis. Norse mythology, transported to the streets of modern day Vancouver.
  •  Miriam and Cat. One hungry, lonely cat, and a woman who won’t get out of bed.
  • Treasure Island. Pirates, a carnival ride, and a mysterious wench.
  • True Words (Kirke’s Bed & Breakfast).  A woman on a Greek island, haunted by the past and caught up in the eddies and currents of Greek mythology.
  • Chiaroscuro. What happens when you think you know someone, but you really have no idea who they really are?
  • OK Computer. A science fiction story, set in the not too distant future.
  • The Demon. A twisted Halloween tale.




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