Read my poem ‘Stories Beneath the Skylight’ in The Lorelei Signal

The new issue of The Lorelei Signal is hot off the internet-press, and my poem ‘Stories Beneath The Skylight’ is part of it! It’s been a while since I released some new poetry into the wild, so this is quite exciting for me. It’s accompanied by some beautiful artwork by Lee Ann Barlow!

Thanks so much to editor Carol Hightshoe for giving my poem such a good home!

Read my poem: ‘Stories Beneath the Skylight’.

More about The Lorelei Signal:

The Lorelei Signal is a web based magazine dedicated to featuring 3 dimensional / complex female characters in Fantasy stories.

– – – –

The title of this magazine was taken from the Animated Star Trek episode by the same
name. In that episode the men of the Enterprise fell under a siren song and it was
Lt. Uhura who had to take command of the Enterprise.

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