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My September recap: stories in the wild, reviews & news

In September, several of my stories appeared in the wild, and some even garnered positive reviews. Here’s a run-down of what took place:


SCENT was published in the September issue of Flash Fiction Online

This story was my first pro-sale in English, and has a very special place in my heart. I am eternally grateful to Flash Fiction Online for giving it such a good home. It received a very nice review at Charles Payseur’s Quick Sip Reviews (a great place for short fiction recommendations, btw) – he calls it “a strong piece and a great read” (thank you!). Additional ego-boost: sharing the TOC with these amazing writers: John Guzlowski, Nicola Belte, and Joy Kennedy-O’Neill.

Flash Fiction Online is a wonderful place for stories. Support them if you can!


TUNGUSKA, 1987 was published in the alternate history anthology ‘Tales From Alternate Earths’

You can read more about my story here. It’s set (mostly) in northern Sweden, and includes details and places and people from my own family’s history. The anthology was actually published in August, but received some amazing reviews through the month of September, including a very positive one from Matt Mitrovich at Amazing Stories who called it “an impressive collection of indie alternate history that you should be reading”. He also had this to say about my story: “If Maria expanded on this short story and made it a full length novel (or even a series) she would find a major fan in me.” (!!!!)

I share the TOC with Daniel M. Bensen, Jessica Holmes, Rob Edwards, Leo McBride, Terri Pray, Cathbad Maponus, Brent A. Harris, and Ricardo Victoria. Huge thanks to Inklings Press for including me in this fantastic anthology!

  • Get the anthology from Amazon.


LONG AS I CAN SEE THE LIGHT and THE BREAKING OF THE WORLD were published in the anthology ‘People Are Strange’

This anthology was released later in September, and contains poems and short stories inspired by photographs. I’m really excited to release my two stories into the wild. ‘Long as I Can See The Light’ is a science fiction, alien-invasion tale set in the Vancouver area, and ‘The Breaking of the World’ is a fantasy-ish romp inspired by my love for MMORPGs! Read more about my stories here.

I share the TOC with a group of wonderful writers and photographers: Darcia Helle, Maria Savva, Thomma Lyn Grindstaff, Ben Ditmars, J. Michael Radcliffe, Julie Elizabeth Powell, Helle Gade, Martin David Porter, and Kim Stapf.

  • Get the anthology from Amazon.


OK COMPUTER appeared on The Word Count Podcast

This is a science fiction flash story I wrote for R.B. Wood’s podcast: it’s always a pleasure to be part of it!


Other awesome things that happened recently:

  • I sold my story ‘Metal, Sex, Monsters’ to Gamut. This sale just about blew my mind. My second pro-sale in English! *cheers* It’s a story deeply inspired by Judas Priest’s music (the title might give that away!)… It will be published sometime in 2017!
  • My story ‘Seven Kinds of Baked Goods’ was picked up for the ‘Just Desserts‘ anthology – more news on this shortly!
  • Capricious bought my story ‘Firstborn’ (possibly the most personal story I’ve written, ever). It will be published in a future issue!
  • And: my poem ‘Stories Beneath the Skylight’ was picked up by The Lorelei Signal. It will appear in October.


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