Stories sold – is this the real life?

It’s official: Flash Fiction Online is publishing a story by me in the September issue. I can’t even describe how happy this makes me. Flash Fiction Online brings amazing stories every month: I’ve read so many gorgeous, chilling, touching, and outstanding stories there by authors I love. And now my story will be there, too. It’s definitely a head-rush.

Also: this is my first bonafide pro-sale in my new incarnation as a writer writing in English. (My previous incarnation was as a writer writing in Swedish: see more here.)

Bonus: I’ve also recently sold a story to the wonderful Capricious Magazine, with a publication date yet to be determined, so these are majorly exciting days for me as a writer.

Add to all this the fact that my new alternate history short story “Tunguska, 1987” was just published in the new (and very well-received) anthology ‘Tales From Alternate Earths‘ (Inklings Press), AND that I have two short stories set to appear in the new Mind’s Eye Series anthology… well, this year is turning out to be a big one for me as a writer.

One small shoutout here to fellow author Eden Baylee, who introduced me to The Word Count Podcast, hosted by the fabulous R.B. Wood. Writing flash fiction for that podcast has been so much fun, so rewarding, and such a learning experience for me in a multitude of ways.

For many years I wondered whether I’d ever write fiction again. These days, I have a pile of stories published / awaiting publication / doing the rounds in submissions. It’s a very big deal to me, and for a moment today I will allow myself to just simply enjoy it.

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