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Happy place

I’m heading to a rather happy place for most of July. It’s in Sweden on the water, and it looks like this (at least some days):


And sometimes like this:


Or like this in the winter (and yes, a few of you might recognize this as the cover image for my collection of poetry):


I will still have internet access, and I will still be posting and writing. This year, so far, I’ve written more short stories than I have in probably a decade. That feels really good. One of those short stories, a piece of flash fiction, has recently been accepted by Flash Fiction Online. Can I shout that from the roof-tops? I could, if I climbed up there…

It’s my first pro-sale ever in English, and my first pro-sale of any kind for a very long time. (Let’s just say that changing languages as a writer, adjusting to life-changes, and writer’s block can be tough.) I am crazily excited about this, and more details will be forthcoming.

2016 has been a productive year for me as a writer so far. I hope to be able to write a few things while I’m away in Sweden, but I will also be chilling and enjoying the view:


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