My story ‘Miriam And Cat’ on R.B. Wood’s Word Count Podcast



Inspired by my fellow author Eden Baylee, I’ve been contributing stories to R.B. Wood’s wonderful Word Count Podcast the last few months, and I am absolutely loving the experience. Each podcast starts with a 3-word story-prompt, you then write your story, record it (it can’t be longer than 7 minutes), and submit it to the podcast.

The latest story-prompt was cat, flower, dawn, and I wrote a story called ‘Miriam and Cat’. You can listen to my story, and stories by writers C. Thomas Smith, Cameron D. Garriepy, Eden Baylee, and Bill Kirton here.

I love writing for the podcast because it’s almost like magic: first I have no story, then I read the story prompt, and after mulling it over and typing for a bit I have a brand new story that didn’t exist before. If that’s not magic, I don’t know what is.

It’s also a whole lot of fun, and I find it really sets my creativity free in a way that actually surprises me. ‘Miriam and Cat’ came to me, as some stories tend to do, with its very first sentence: “Cat waited for Miriam to get up.”

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