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My 2015 in the rear-view mirror


2015 was a momentous year for me. I first started out as a published writer in the dinosaur-age known as ‘the 1980s’, and plodded along rather nicely for a decade or so after that. Then, things happened (as things seem to do in life), and for a long time I wasn’t sure I would ever publish anything ever again.

That all changed in 2015. I self-published two books in 2015: my collection of science fiction short stories ODIN’S EYE in March, and my collection of poetry CUTS & COLLECTED POEMS in November. In the process, I learned a lot about the mysterious inner workings of Smashwords “word-grinder”, about prepping .docs for Kindle and CreateSpace publication, and I once again experienced the heady pride and severe panic attacks I get when my work is suddenly available for people to read, everywhere.

It’s been a fantastic experience, getting to know so many writers and readers, and sharing my words and stories with other people again. I’ve learned a lot from many other authors and artists and others online, and have felt support from people around me both off- and online. Thanks to everyone who read, shared, cheered, reviewed, interviewed, and just gave me a verbal or physical pat on the back.

Best of all is that I’ve also been writing new stuff. Two of my short stories will appear in the next installment in the ‘Mind’s Eye’ series of anthologies, and I have another short story that is finished and ready for… something. We’ll see where that one ends up!

More science fiction and some kind of fantasy/horror/something or other is percolating in my brain and computer, and will be taking shape in 2016.

Thanks so much for reading this blog, and thanks to everyone out there who might have checked out my published work this past year. All the best to everyone for 2016: here’s to more writing, more reading, and maybe some good times in between.

My work in current release:

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