‘Cuts & Collected Poems 1989 – 2015’ is now available in paperback


My hands are shaking, like they always do after I submit my writing to “the real world”. This time, it’s because I just approved the proof for my new collection of poetry at CreateSpace, and the book is now available in paperback from CreateSpace’s web-store. It should be available in paperback at Amazon in a couple of days.

The ebook edition is set for release on Monday, November 9th and you can pre-order it now, or get it then from Amazon, Smashbooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Apple iBooks. All the details are here.

I’m so excited to have this project off the ground and available. It’s been a long time coming, both to translate my previously published Swedish poetry, and to release ‘Cuts’ my new collection of poetry – the first poetry I’ve written in English.

About the book:

‘Cuts’ is Maria Haskins’ first collection of poetry written in English. Also included in this book are her three previously published and very well-received collections of poetry: ‘Blå’ (‘Blue’), ‘Honung’ (‘Honey’), and ‘Den tredje’ (‘The Third’). All three have been translated from the original Swedish to English by the author, and are available in English for the very first time.

Swedish reviews of Maria Haskins’ poetry:

  • “The poems…radiate an inner confidence. — …innocence is the neighbour of cruelty, or rather: it is rarely possible to tell them apart. — …she does not just have the courage to kill, but also the courage to write banality, to write peace, to write happiness, to write white as snow.” – Per Svensson, Expressen, April 4, 1989
  • “very strong debut collection….” – Magnus William-Olsson, Aftonbladet May 6, 1989
  • “has enough personal intensity and linguistic authority that you are prepared to continue listening… experiences of love and death, desire and horror are the volcanic forces in her poetry.” – Leif Nylén, Dagens Nyheter, April 10, 1989
  • “writes with passion and great gravity” – Torkel Rasmusson, Dagens Nyheter, March 23, 1992
  • “One does not doubt for a moment that she is formulating something that is crucial…” – Åsa Beckman, Dagens Nyheter March 30, 1995

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