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This made my day: a 5-star review of ‘Odin’s Eye’


One of this writer’s strengths is that she is able to describe something so succinctly and with such precision that everything she writes becomes a picture in the mind of the reader. Her stories show a deep understanding of the human condition. [ —— ]

All of the stories transported me to different times and strange new worlds and each one contains insightful observations about life and people. The stand out story for me was ‘Lost and Found’, a tale about an astronaut, who is the only survivor after a crash, waiting to be rescued. That one is just perfect, in my opinion. It would make a great movie or short film. [ —— ]
All the stories are brilliant and I’m glad to have discovered such a talented writer.

Take a trip into the future with these twelve short stories. You won’t be disappointed.


Read the full 5-star review at Goodreads and also at Amazon! Thank you, Maria Savva!

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