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The Writer’s Room – a great website for authors

I just got my author’s profile all set up at The Writers Room. I found this website when I was visiting fellow-writer Maria Savva’s website (she’s a fantastic writer, as well as a great book- and music-reviewer with a passion for indie-authors and indie-music), and I have also seen the website mentioned elsewhere online. The website looks great, and it’s easy to use for both authors and readers: a big thing in today’s online world. Their mission-statement reads:

The Writers Room is a new type of literary website. Not only does it allow you to read about your favourite authors and comment on their books; you can also ask them questions and share their answers with your friends via Facebook.

Any website that makes it easy for writers to share their work, and connect with readers is a good idea worth supporting. You can find my author profile at The Writers Room, with details about my books and about me.

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