It’s release day!


Today is the day: my ebook Odin’s Eye is out and available from several online outlets!

Odin’s Eye is a collection of twelve science fiction short-stories. Each story follows one of twelve individuals in a distant (or maybe not so distant) future, and each individual is faced with a choice, a challenge, or a profound life-changing experience. In the stories, there are glimpses of a future where humanity is affected by technological change, ecological disasters, and a society that is not always easy for everyone to fit into.

The stories take place both on Earth, Mars (I’m a Bradbury-fan, after all!), various other places in the solar system, as well as outer space, and they all fit into my loosely constructed future universe: I am currently working on a novel that will be set in the same “future-verse”.

You can buy Odin’s Eye from various online retailers:

Individual links to all Amazon outlets:

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