This book broke my daughter’s heart: now she wants to read it again


I just finished reading George R. R. Martin’s book The Ice Dragon to my daughter, and it broke her heart. She was in tears as the book ended, and truthfully: I was on the verge of tears too. It was a fantastic ending, the kind that makes you see the story in a new light, but it was also so full of sadness and sorrow and loss. Quite beautiful, really.

Tonight my daughter wants to read it again. This time, however, I have to make up a different ending, one that is somewhat happier. But like she told me: “I’ll still know this ending”.

The book is beautifully illustrated, and there is none of the “adult content” you’ll find in Martin’s A Song of Ice And Fire, but there is war and there is loss and death and sadness. This book also makes me think that A Song of Ice And Fire will probably end with similar feeling of loss and sorrow.

Highly recommended from ages 7-9 and up.

1 thought on “This book broke my daughter’s heart: now she wants to read it again”

  1. […] I’ve mentioned this book before. It’s written by the author of the “A Song of Ice And Fire”-books (made famous on TV as “Game of Thrones”), but this is a book for children, as well as young adults and adults. By that I mean that it’s a lot less brutal Martin’s books for adults. The Ice Dragon is beautifully told, beautifully illustrated, and very evocative. It’s not for the smallest children, but definitely a fantastic story. Be warned that the ending is bittersweet rather than a traditional “happy ever after”. […]


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