Tools of the trade


These are the two books that I use constantly when I’m translating. I use other resources as well, including online ones (hello, Google!), but these two books are my main helpers.

The one on the left is my new English/Swedish and Swedish/English dictionary, and the one on the right is my Swedish book of synonyms and expressions. That second books is vital. Very often when I get the straight translation of a word or phrase, it’s still not exactly what I was looking for, or (when I’m translating subtitles) I might need a shorter word, or a stronger, more expressive one.

I also use other books, occasionally, and of course I refer to my style manual when I translate subtitles, but without these two books by my side, I always feel a little lost. I still haven’t found an online dictionary or resource that is as accurate and as useful. The only website I trust implicitly for Swedish accuracy, is Svenska Akademiens Ordlista.

With that, and an old-school notepad and pen, I’m all set for pretty much anything that’s thrown my way.

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